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  • Small Business Re-emergence

    Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our society, communities, small and micro-businesses, and non-profit organizations, the path towards re-opening may seem daunting. In this webinar we’ll share some strategies and considerations around recovery and resilience that may be...

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  • Engage Your Supporters With Facebook

    Learn what goes into creating an effective Facebook strategy to ensure you get the most out of your online efforts. This class is packed with practical tips to strengthen relationships with your supporters and motivate online talent to actively promote...

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  • Adapt to the Evolving Ads Ecosystem

    Don't see any events here? Be sure to log into Blueprint to access a variety of events scheduled.To log in, head to the top right corner and click on the 'Log In' button. Once logged in, review your profile...

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  • Work From Home Yoga with Ita Yoga Studio

    Every business has a unique customer journey. Find out why understanding your customers’ journey is important and how mapping their journey can help you serve them more effectively.

    • Spark AR Certification Prep

      Join us for a workshop with one of our Spark AR experts where we'll run through the Practice Test, Study Guide and open up for a Q&A.

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    • 開始使用轉換 API

      轉換 API 可直接收集顧客動態,並在收集資料之餘,遵循消費者所選擇的資料分享方式。即使在瀏覽器和裝置預設封鎖 Facebook 像素和事件資料的情況下,轉換 API 仍能透過無須依賴瀏覽器的機制持續傳送資料。本次網路培訓工作坊將說明轉換 API 的用途和優點,以及如何為廣告主選擇整合選項和實作方式。 本培訓課程可協助學員為取得廣告 API 開發人員認證專家資格做好準備,適合開發人員參加, 包括擁有技術背景的學員,例如網站開發人員、軟體工程師,以及技術實作專家。 要完成登入,請點擊右上角“登入(Login)”按鈕。 登錄後,請[在此]查看您的個人資料信息是否正確,包括(1)名字,(2)姓氏,(3)電子郵件地址和(4)所在國家/地區

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    • Facebook Live: Sports Best Practices

      Live content plays a key role in the sports industry. Tune-in and lear best practices to engage your fans on Facebook and Instagram while live.

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    • Connecting With Customers Through WhatsApp

      Businesses all over the world are usingWhatsApp to get results. Discover how WhatsApp can grow your business with features that help you acquire customers, enable transactions, drive awareness, and build customer relationships.

      • Develop Your Brand With Video on Facebook

        People around the world are motivated to achieve meaningful change for society through social good. Businesses and brands can also make social good a priority and help create a better future for their customers, their businesses and the world.In...

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      • Gene Alston, Facebook

        Gene is responsible for the global business and operations teams for Facebook's Commerce initiatives. Gene joined Facebook in 2017 to lead the GMS Partnerships team and prior to that he spent his career in roles spanning payments, commerce and digital...